In Pescadores, Taiwan, 2016

My name is Yu Li-an (游 立安). I do research on philosophy of science with an emphasis on axiology of science. I am developing my doctoral thesis with the working title Controlling Nature: An Axiological Examination of Science-Based Climate Policymaking at Bielefeld University in Germany. Before that, I studied earth science at National Taiwan Normal University, and completed my master degree with a thesis titled Determinism and Indeterminism in the Light of Modern Physics at National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan.

My research interests chiefly lie in the multifaceted relationship between understanding, communication and action, in particular that between policy-driven scientific research and science-based policymaking in social and historical context. I am enthusiastic to explore historical cases of incorporating scientific knowledge and practice into changing views of society and nature in intercultural settings. I examine the claims and actions of historical agents at the intersection of various cultural, epistemic and practical systems, and take a close look at the interacting systems as cultural adaption processes with a novel threefold evaluation scheme. Currently, I pay more attention to climatology, seismology, demography and natural history in policymaking from the mid-19th century onward.

Aside from my doctoral research, I have strong interests in philosophy of physics, philosophy of earth science, environmental philosophy, history of science, environmental history, and Buddhism.

I enjoy working as bridge-builder among the public, philosophers and scientists. I serve as online group manager for Formosan Forum of History & Philosophy of Science, Formosan Science & Policy Research Group and Beitou Forum of Public Affairs, and as fanpage manager for Chi-Yen First Party X Beitou Dan-Feng Association (originally contributed to an environmental controversy in Taipei in which I was involved. Also look at this link).

I relax with reading, cooking, music, learning languages, workout, photography and travel, and am happy with being an amateur social critic.

I went vegetarian in 2003, based on the argument that animals are cute.

Some Pictorial Representations of the Temporal Parts of Li-an

In Yilan, Taiwan, 2020

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In Kyoto, Japan, 2014

In Taipei, Taiwan, 2012

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In Los Angeles, California, 2011

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In Taipei, Taiwan, 1990

In Taipei, Taiwan, 1990